Strategic Plan (CSIP)


In October 2022, a committee of school administrators, staff, parents, community members, and students met for four evenings to revise the Continuous School Improvement Plan, also known as the CSIP. This plan serves as the foundation for critical decisions that will be made for the progress of the district for the next several years and can be found on the school website under the “District” tab. Through the work of the CSIP team, a strong desire emerged to propel our district forward with an emphasis on student achievement, positive culture, and effective communication. With this plan at the forefront, our school and community will keep our focus on the students as we guide them to find their purpose and help them reach their full potential.

In updating the CSIP, the district mission statement was revised to the following: The mission of the Cole County R-V School District is to provide an optimal learning environment where all students aspire to achieve their full potential and become lifelong learners. The identified Priority Areas that are in most need of school improvement are: establishing an environment of rigor and expectations for students and staff; developing a growth mindset throughout the district; recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers and staff; and improvement of district finances and facility infrastructure.

Each of the identified Priority Areas has three relevant goals specific to the area being addressed. The goals are measurable by data that will be collected throughout the years to identify success. In addition, achievable goals are set with the necessary skills and resources available for success. Finally, the goals are time-bound for additional accountability in measuring accomplishments. 

With each of the goals set for the Priority Areas, there are specific action steps that identify the responsible party to ensure success. There may be individuals who lead the charge for specific goals and Priority Areas, but accomplishing the CSIP goals is a team effort. It takes parents, community members, school board members, staff, and administrators all working collectively to ensure goals are being met. With appropriate support, all of the goals can be achieved and ultimately will create an environment of learning for Cole County R-V students that is second to none.

I will conclude by saying that we all are accomplishing great things and should be proud of our district and student achievements. I hope you enjoy seeing and hearing about the things we are doing at Cole County R-V and look forward to updates as they come.

Charley Burch, Superintendent