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Chain of Command

Cole County R-V School Districts strives to maintain efficient and effective communication with students, parents and guardians by utilizing a mandatory chain of command procedure. The chain of command not only establishes accountability, it also lays out our District's lines of authority and decision-making responsibility.

Many questions are quickly and completely answered by communicating directly with the affected staff member. Please review the chain of command procedure below to review the appropriate steps in bringing suggestions or resolving issues. If you are unsure of the contact information, you may call (573) 498-4000 and you will be directed to the appropriate office or you may email the general inbox for the Board of Education and your message will be distributed as deemed appropriate.

  1. Teacher (Classroom) - Coach (Athletics) - Staff Support (Office, Aides, Custodians, etc.) - Transportation Director (Transportation)

  2. Activity Director (Athletics).

  3. Building Principal (Classroom, Staff Support and Transportation).

  4. Superintendent.

  5. School Board. The Board will consider hearing citizen complaints when they cannot be resolved by the administration. The Board will not consider or act on complaints that have not been explored at the appropriate administrative level or if the appropriate chain of command has not been attempted.